Fingerprint Ink

My journey in authentic vulnerability

About me …

I am a stay-at-home mom, learning how to homeschool my kids, learning how to extend grace to everyone – myself especially! I have four kids, all under the age of eight.

Life is full, chaotic and wonderful.

Sometimes the noise-level is a little more than I can bear, and I try remind myself that one day silence will be a regular feature around here.

My husband knows how to love me and challenge me better than anyone I know. He is probably my biggest fan, totally believing I am more than able of so much.

It is humbling and inspiring to live with that.

If a fire broke out, after my hubby and kids, I would be hard-pressed to know what to grab … much of my stuff is totally worthless, but I am a story-gatherer … so, I have things like: I bought this ring to remind me to dream and I was in the States on a dream trip at the time. Or, this is my War Bracelet that my best friend gave me to remind me that I am a Warrior Princess fighting for truth and freedom.

So really, just stuff, but meaningful stuff 😉

And its hard to fill in this page and finish it – because I am not finished. I am a work, a journey, an adventure in progress.

Everyday is a new unfolding, discovering.

And writing is how I try to make sense of the ride!


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